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David vs the Castle
by David Arthur Johnston

(As printed in "Victoria Street Newz", August 08, 2008 - Volume 5, #5)

In the beginning...
I don't use money (as it, unavoidably, supports a prideful construct). I sleep outside (primarily in Beacon Hill Park, at least until this adventure). In the monthes leading up to the end of 2003 the number of 'deterrent events' was increasing with condescending and threatening police and grounds-keepers hunting out sleepers, and the application of 'bum-away' (undiluted fertilizer- ground up fish) on known sleeping spots. Added with the winter conditions, my fatigue brought with it a consideration that my innocence was not being 'presumed of' in my ability to sleep conscientiously. So, I was inspired to take issue.

This was an account of a campaign to determine the right to sleep. It has become a dance where conscientiousness reveals itself to be transcendent of the 'rule of law'.

Patience be with us all, for the bad and the good.

June 14th, 2008 : Re-establishing the 'commons'

I've said befor that this no longer is about the 'homeless', so all the well wishers of 'you people' or of 'those people' can maybe take a moment before their belssing to understand that what is going on here in Victoria is not just about the legality of tieing tarp-ropes to trees, it is about the fact that there is no public property.

The problem is this - the moment a 'commons' is re-established it will instantly house a refugee camp, catalystically revealing the fallacy of capitalism and this pretty little 'tourism industry' here in Victoria. Of course, so be it.

So, onward to the most important court case in Canadian history...

June 18th, 2008: day 3 of trial

Media has been acceptable with much national attention to the fact that every municipality may soon be open to sanctioned tent-cities... court has been amazing- the judge is seeing the implication of her position and the city is relaying what endangered plants the homeless are sleeping on.

June 19th, 2008: verdict rendering

How else to explain what I don't know. It was perfect. Not only our lawyers, Catherine in particular, but the lawyers for the city and province were as well acting as conduits of... God, really. Every second thing they submitted was, de facto, of benefit to us. There was nothing they could do, it really was not an adversarial process. Both teams wre working for the supreme outcome. The judge knows the implications of whatever ruling she will give.

The entire thing is now in the hands of the court and the judge is reserving her ruling (I've been told that it could be anywheres between tomorrow and 8 months from now). The acceptable ruling will be striking the anti-'temporary abode' bylaw and suggesting to the city that it would be in its best interest to set aside an area best suited for 'temporary abodes'.

June 24th, 2008: Ridiculously misleading Times Colonist article + my response

RE: Johnston released after weekend arrest. Police ask if it was a set-up job

The story is misleading. Firstly, there was no court order prohibiting me from being on the grounds of St. Ann's. The police charged me with breaching a condition that hasn't existed since October 2006. They deliberately abused the process, wasting the time of the jail and the Supreme Court, in an effort to head off an attempt at a tent-city. If they had waited a few more hours they would have found us at Cridge Park, mayhaps ready to be arrested for Obstruction of Justice. I was released Monday afternoon. I would, very much, llke to know which 'friend' called the police, if that truly is the case.

Right now, a Supreme Court Judge is rendering all the data gathered from a Constitutional Challenge against the Corporation of the City of Victoria's 'anti-temporary abode' bylaw.

Some people might want to think that having the right to sleep for free will bring economic collapse, I would suggest these people imagine what is going to happen when gas gets up to $3.00 a litre. That is the question here- "Would we rather see the roughness of tent-cities or the order of internment camps?" or to put it another way "Do we want to sell our souls to this grossly shallow tourist industry?"

June 27th, 2008: the sun sets on the British Empire

Tent-city... I've been singing it over and over to the tune of 'God Save the Queen'- "Tent-city tent-city, tent-city. Tent-Ci-i-teee tent-city. Tent-ent-ent-ity"... and so forth.

There will be much talk about strategy and how to respond when the ruling strikes the by-law... come on down and play the wise calmness in the face of provocation (AKA Spot The Agent).

Really good articles in the recent Focus and Monday magazines and at the Tyee (from Andrew MacLeod. This is the most comprehensive article with links to all the official arguments) -, and if you can find the article from the Driftwood on Saltspring it is really good.

June 29th, 2008: may these words have power

Apparently, until they prove otherwise, the Times Colonist is a hellish piece of crap that has no regard for the truth and to support their business, or more, to not actively promote its correction or demise, is to be complicit in a lie.

Pretty much the same goes for the cops. Until they apologize for their premeditated illegal arrest of me, ...and until they make true amends it will become catalystically obvious to even the most deluded patriot, that the police, too, have no regard for the truth.

There was a meeting last Friday at the courthouse lawn that went pretty good. This thing (the movement) really does have a life of its own and, becouse it is a true cause, everything it needs will be provided.

CAMAS Anarchist bookstore (, will be accepting and holding donations towards the coming legal and sanctioned tent-cities. The meetings still will occur every Monday and Friday at noon at the courthouse lawn. The Cardboard Army will be enjoying their first trek into the 'public' during the Canada Day events in Victoria. Come to the meetings to get the morning martial and yogic training schedule.

Patience be with you. You are the hero and it is only your conditioning that would have you believe otherwise.

July 2nd, 2008: tent city = refugee camp

The 'Crown' is a psychotic mafia-type entity (it is really the same spirit that Rome was, but in this instance we will refer to it as the 'Crown'). It got a whole lot of assholes together and stole all its means of survival. It made ships and traveled the world 'colonizing' (raping and murdering until the natives complied) what is now known as the 'Commonwealth'. Have all the pity in the world for all the victims in every one of these 'countries'.

Canada is truly no different. In their psyvho-babble we are a Constitutional Monarchy- some words to confuse all those whose diets consist of TV, fat and sugar. Which means we play at every citizen getting a say in governmental affairs through a process of 'democracy'. We are not told the truth, which is, the Crown still has complete executive power over every ruling in every court and every bill that tries to get passed in Parliament (AND they are also the entity which determines which crimes will go in front of a judge).

The problem, now, is that getting rid of the Crown means acknowledging that everyone who thinks they own land, however long they have been living on it, doesn't. This problem will be easier faced because of the catalystic trauma we all face because of an over-populated world that ceases to be sustainable- the ones too afraid to face death will assert their right to set up internment camps to contend with the rising social unrest... the ones not afraid to die will beat them to the punch and establish autonomous refugee camps.

Governments will be replaced with friends just helping friends and it will work so beautifully that even while half of us starve to death we well do so smiling, enjoying the fact that our loved ones will reach a place of true freedom where the idea of 'profit' is only a lesson of history.

We need not promote the end of private property. We only need to enjoy the notion of never having to pay taxes or rent ever again.

...and beyond all that, the war is over the moment you remember that you are the Buddha. Patience be with you.

July 14th, 2008: punk show went well

Bunch of donations, good words spoken to attentive and interested crowd, a song about the chocloate dumpster bringing a large donation of chocolate... oh those punks.

Whatever style or class we've found ourselves attached to, we are still all in the same universe and peace is the thing strived for by all. Or everything goes to hell because people are addicted to their hate and too lazy to focus on the courage to rather die than kill. Whatever, at least I won't be a slave (at least not to the baby-raping monster that pretends to have authority over the land... I AM a slave to fate, as all things are). Some people may hate the bums and the junkies- the worst crime is pride. If loathing were justified, pride would be the root thing that would be worthy of it. Pride pride pride... the heart of the devil.

Love you all,

David Arthur Johnston

For more information: - film from filmmaker Andrew Ainsley