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Before you vote in the May 12 Election, please watch this important video from the BCGEU!
"Broken Promises: Government Neglect of B.C. Families and Communities"

Sources and Links for the Victoria Area

Victoria Cool Aid Society
The Victoria Cool Aid Society traces its origins to the Cool Aid Hostel, which was established 40 years ago, in 1968, to provide short-term, emergency shelter to transient youth traveling the country. Today, Cool Aid operates a diverse range of social and health services for those in our community who are most vulnerable.

The Mustard Seed Street Church (referrals for Victoria and Area)
625 Queens Avenue, Victoria - (250)953-1575
"To show God's love in Christ by working in partnership with the church, community and those in need so that together we achieve wholeness."

Street Link (laundry, showers, meals, beds, NO Children)
1634 Store Street, Victoria - (250)383-1951
One of the best known Cool Aid programs, having evolved from the original Cool Aid hostel in 1968, Streetlink has concentrated more on offering emergency services to homeless people in the downtown core. Since 1991, it has been located in a downtown location that also houses the Cool Aid Community Health Centre and a supportive housing program. Streetlink is not only a shelter, but also provides meals, drop in services, laundry facilities and links to other resources.

Salvation Army
2695 Quadra Street at Hillside, Victoria - (250)386-8521
(meals, Monday to Friday)
525 Johnson Street, Victoria - (250)384-3396
The purpose of Salvation Army Community and Family Services in Victoria is to bring help, hope and salvation, in the spirit of Christ, to all persons in need of our services without discrimination.

Our Place (services, meals, 19+)
713 Johnson Street, Victoria - (250)385-2454
Our Place Society works in compassionate Christian love with those who are homeless and others in need to enrich and improve the lives of all. We provide transitional housing, meals, support and advocacy, hygiene facilities, training and more. We are striving to give people a hand up, not just a hand out.

Upper Room (meals, clothing, rooms for single men)
919 Pandora, Victoria - (250)388-7114
The Upper Room is in alliance with Our Place, and distributes food, clothing, toiletries and furnishings in co-operation with other agencies and services throughout Victoria.

YW/YMCA Street Outreach (serving youth 21 and under)
(250)889-1490 or (250)812-0490
Food Van at Blanshard and Yates from 6-7 pm, Nurse available T-W-Th)
For street involved/entrenched youth aged 12-21, distributes food, blankets, condoms, clothing. Participates in Out of the Rain Night Shelter Coalition.

BC Housing
Creating the best system of housing and support for vulnerable British Columbians.

housinghomeless.ca ~ housinghomeless.org ~ housinghomeless.net

Two Studies by Lindsay Buset, B.A. Developmental Studies/Inclusion
University of Winnipeg 2009
"Homelessness in Canada" - April 21, 2009
"Homelessness in Canada and the U.S: An International Context" - April 21, 2009

housinghomeless.ca ~ housinghomeless.org ~ housinghomeless.net

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BC Housing News
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